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GUARANTEED After-crash Replacement

There is a beautiful day, perfect for a long training session. You are wearing your favourite Raso set, taking a bike with you and simply go for next adventure.Life is beautiful! Unfortunately life of cyclists is not as simple as it seems. You've fallen on the ground. Fortunately nothing wrong happened to you but your cycling set looks really odd.
After Crash Replacement
We know that feeling, we've cycled ten of thousands kilometers and experienced many crashes. 
That's why we understand our clients in such situations and we offer 50% discount for a new set.  

How it works? It's easy! Just 2 simple steps.
1. Send your damaged set to Us (Raso s.c.,Magazynowa 1, 33-340 Stary Sącz)
2. Please add the information about e-mail address to your package, so then we can contact you.
What's next?
1. After receiving package from you we will estimate the damage (we need to make sure, that it happened during cycling)
2. Then after one day you will receive unique 50% discount coupon for the same product. In case when product is not available in our offer, discount coupon can be used for any product with the same price. 
3. We will dispose damaged clothes.

That's it! You've got a new piece in your cycling wardrobe ;) Please remember, if the damage is not caused by accident we won't be able to accepted and we'll send it back to you.

*the program applies to products purchased in the online store