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Raso brand concept - Clothing line for cyclists

Definitely MORE
than cycling clothing

"Raso" from Esperanto "race", from Spanish
"exclusive satin" or "fabric".

The concept of the Raso brand was based on the idea of creating cycling clothing that not only meets the specific needs of cyclists, but also becomes a symbol of style, quality and comfort. Our projects are addressed not only to professionals, but above all to true cycling enthusiasts.

The main goal was to create a clothing line that not only works perfectly during intensive training or competitions, but also stands out with its unique design, at the same time emphasizing the individuality of each cycling lover.

From cyclists to cyclists

Before the Raso brand was created, we experienced what it means to be an active cyclist. It was our own experience that inspired us to create clothing that meets all the expectations of today's riders.

Krystian and Marcin are long-time friends whose cycling adventure began years ago at the WLKS Krakus club. Together, they traveled the routes, gaining not only kilometers, but also knowledge about all aspects of the cycling world. At the end of their active adventure with amateur racing, their passion for cycling has not expired. On the contrary, it became stronger, inspiring them to take on a unique challenge: improving the process of creating cycling clothing.

When Tomasz Marczyński joined the concept the process of creating the brand gained momentum and a new dimension.

Tomasz Marczyński - a new
dimension of the Raso brand

Tomasz Marczyński - Polish road cyclist, competitor of the professional Lotto Soudal group. Polish champion in the race from the joint start (2007, 2011, 2015) and individual time trial (2011).

Being a professional competitor of the world peloton, Tomek Marczyński brought great value in the form of experience and a lot of knowledge in the subject of professional cycling clothes. On an ongoing basis, it verifies the issues of blanking, thus testing each product from the Raso assortment.

Tomek, Marcin and Krystian decided to break the boundaries and create a brand that will primarily appeal to the hearts of all cyclists looking for something more.
Their dream was not limited to creating functional sportswear – they wanted to reflect the passion, style and individuality of each cyclist.

Inspiration in design,
emphasis on high quality

Our main inspiration in the creation process is perfect design and unrelenting quality. We emphasize the careful refinement of every detail of our products to not only meet the expectations of cyclists, but also to give an aesthetic dimension to functionality. Quality is not only the norm for us – it is an obligation that we put in every seam, guaranteeing durability and uncompromising comfort. Our motto is not only words, but the basis on which we base each created collection.

Quality 100%

All our products are the result of Polish design and craftsmanship, created with passion and commitment in Stary Sącz in the south of Poland.

Using the highest quality materials from global manufacturers, we are sure that we provide not only a unique design, but also durability and comfort of wearing.

The Raso brand is not only a brand of cycling clothing, it is a proud representation of Polish quality and creativity on the international cycling arena.

Personalization is the key to the success of team cycling clothing

Our quality is the foundation on which we have built our brand, bearing in mind the satisfaction and performance of every professional cycling team that cooperates with us.

Competitors and amateur cycling groups will find professional care from top to bottom, i.e. from the design of an exceptional cycling set by creative graphic designers to comprehensive assistance and care in the implementation of the entire order.

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